Managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi.(An English medium co-educational,Sr.Secondary school aff. to CBSE-aff. no.530183)

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The school at a glance: The Epitome of excellence in assets

Vedic Roots

DAV Public School strives to nurture its students in rich Vedic Culture. Vedic background adds the rare dimension of practical spirituality to our education.
The morning assembly starts with Gayatri Mantra, recitation of mantras and ends with Shantipath. The children are encouraged to perform Havans as per Vedic rules and are taught the age-old Vedic customs. Each day ends with a meditation class wherein the students as well as teachers immerse themselves in peaceful sphere of self and discover new vigour, vitality and potential.


Morning Assembly

The morning assembly in the school, which is a special feature, is set with a vedic backdrop and sets the rhythm for the whole day. It helps to begin the day well by directing the thoughts of the pupils towards morality. introduction of class wise assembly provides every child a platform for self-expression. Group singing, prayers, moral lectures, discussions on contemporary social issues, inventions, discoveries, celebration of all festivals are other features of our assembly. The assembly ends with 'Shanti Path' and national anthem.

Helping hand to the Underprivileged

The young DAVities are taught the basic principle of caring and sharing. The Social Welfare Club undertakes all noble feats as educating slum children, visiting orphanges, old age homes, lapers colony, hospitals etc. and extend their full support. The message of water conservation, hygiene, protection of environment etc are spread. In the school building, "Prayas" runs its free education programme for the underprivleged children. The school has also enrolled students from underprivileged sections of the society in the regular classes too.

Moral Education

In this age of moral decadence and a fanatic attraction towards materialism, moral education is must for the young minds of today. Moral lectures by the Principal and teachers inculcate in the students moral values, integrity, sympathy and loyalty.

Adolescent Classes

Teen age needs to be informed and accentuated about the physical and emotional changes. Thus inquisitive minds must be answered so that they properly channelized. Our school conducts special adolescent classes for boys and girls through out the session.

Personality Development

With the aim of grooming our students physically, mentally and socially, we have regular personality development classes. Herein the students learn manners and social etiquette, personal hygiene and the art of accquiring a graceful personality.

The Guidance and Counseling Services

D.A.V. Public school aims to bring about qualitative improvement in the school through application of principles of educational psychology, counseling and guidance.
At times, the tender minds get overburdened with the strain and stress of eompetition. D.A.V. Public School is always concered for producing balanced personalities. For this, school is providing guidance and counseling services to students. Regular interaction sessions are organized for parents of children encountering hiccups in the spheres of academic and overall personality development.
The school also arranges regular career guidance programmes with most prestigious institutes to apprise the students of various academic and professional courses available at college level.

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