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House System and Co-curricular Activities

The Co-curricular activities are structured and constructed around the academic curriculum as a real life situational extension. This segment of the students education is administered and transited through House System. The students are categorized in four house - Alaknanda, Everest, Himalaya and Nilgiri. Various Inter-House Competitions give them a chance to express their talents

Various clubs like Science Club, English Club, Photography Club, Gardening Club motivate a child to learn to move ahead with utmost confidence. A full range of activities is provided to cater to a wide spectrum of the special talent and inclinations of students. Inter Class Activities, Special Assembly (classes 1 to 5) ensure the participation of every child in different co-curricular activities.

Training students for the future: The Executive Council

The school believes in training students for leadership and shouldering responsibility. keeping this objective in view, we involve the students in assisting the school administration. The Student Council helps and shares the responsibility of maintaining the discipline and ecorum of school. The Head Boy and Head Girl along with other Executive members suggest improvements and help to bridge the gap between students, teachers and the management.